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Creatives of New Jersey is a project that I dreamed up and finally brought to life in April 2020. The brand was created to serve as a community for many different types of creatives, as well as a networking hub for people to connect and work together. Our mission is to cultivate an environment where local artists feel comfortable expressing themselves and connecting with other likeminded creatives. ​The website also includes a section titled "Digital Creative Zine", which is a monthly creative magazine showcasing local creatives such as artists, musicians, poets, and more. The connected social media pages are used to repost and share artwork from local New Jersey creators as well as showcase local events, important news, and happenings around the state.


I designed the logos, branding, and website for this project. I am the sole founder and content creator for this brand, and I'm proud of what it has become so far in such a short time. 

CONJ Logo PNG-01.png


Circle Logo-01.png


CONJ Website Screenshot-01.jpg


Includes a monthly roundup of local artist submissions called a "Digital Creative Magazine" 

I created and designed the CONJ website with Squarespace 7.0. I run this website all on my own, and every month I add new submissions to our creative magazine. I also interview people for the blog. I'm proud of what it's become so far and I hope to do much more with it in the future. 

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